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Download Plants Vs. Zombie

Download Game Plants Vs. Zombie | Download Game Baru. Plants Vs. Zombie is a Adventure, Mini, Puzzle and also Survival Game that it�s very good. Plants Vs. Zombie can be your new collection for your PC Game. I think, you have to try it Guys for this game is very good. You can download it by Download Torrent, fileserve, filesonic, mediafire, Letitbit, etc. Ok Guys, lets check the Game here:

Download Game Plants Vs. Zombie | Download Game Baru
Plants vs. Zombies� | Fun-dead action on your PC | Size: 51.69 MB
Adventure, Mini, Puzzle and Survival Game | Language: English

Battle 26 types of zombies with 49 zombie-zapping plants! The PC version features 50 Adventure levels, 20 Mini-Games, Puzzle and Survival modes, and the zombie-free Zen Garden. And don't miss all 20 new achievements and the interactive Zombatar� � make a zombie of your very own!

       OS*: Windows XP/Vista/7
       Processor: 1.2+GHz
       Memory (RAM): 512+MB
       Free Hard Drive Space: 65+MB
       DirectX Version: 8 or later
       Sound: DirectX-compatible
       Video: DirectX-compatible; 128+MB
       Color Quality: 16-bit or 32-bit color mode (256 colors may not work)
       Controls: Keyboard and mouse
     Internet: Internet connection is required to register/unlock game trials � including those delivered via CD-ROM

*You must be an administrator to install and run this game.

The Basics
The goal of Plants vs. Zombies is to protect your home from ever more powerful waves of invading zombies by buying and placing various kinds of anti-zombie plants on your lawn.
Plants vs. Zombies takes place on a lawn broken into rows and columns. Just beyond the left edge of the screen is your house, while just beyond the right side of the screen is the street. At the top of the screen is a seed tray that displays your current amount of sun as well as whatever seed packets you have available.
During each level, zombies slowly make their way leftward from the street towards your home. Your job is to resist the zombie attack by collecting sun and using it to buy various defensive plants to place on your lawn. If you destroy all the zombies in a level, you proceed to the next level. If a zombie makes it all the way to the left side of the screen, you lose.

       Install game with "PlantsVsZombiesSetup_20110729_2_2.exe"
       After install,run "Plants.Vs.Zombies_KEYGEN-FFF.exe
       Generate Key and regester game with that key.
       Enjoy release from XDrone
Download Game Plants Vs. Zombie | Download Game Baru.

Download Game Plants Vs. Zombie | Download Game Baru.

Download Game Plants Vs. Zombie | Download Game Baru.

Download Torrent Plants Vs. Zombie | Download Game Baru.


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