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Warcraft III Cheats

Mungkin semua dah tau Cheats nya warcraft III, tapi bagi yang belum mendapatkan cheats nya di sini saya mau memberikanya untuk anda. berikut ini cheats nya:
[Basic Warcraft 3 Cheats] 
Fastbuild: WarpTen 
Fastdeath: IocainePowder 
God mode: WhosYourDaddy
[Warcraft 3 Resource Cheats] 
Gold: KeyserSoze [amount](i.e. 'keysersoze 50000' will give you 50000 gold) Note - Default is 500. 
Lumber: LeafItToMe [amount] Note - Default is 500. 
Resources: GreedIsGood [amount] Note - Default is 500.
[Other Warcraft 3 Cheats] 
Food: PointBreak 
Mana: ThereIsNoSpoon 
Cool Down: TheDudeAbides 
No Defeat: StrengthAndHonor 
No Victory: ItVexesMe 
Research: WhoIsJohnGalt 
Show Map: ISeeDeadPeople 
Tech Tree: Synergy 
Dawn: RiseAndShine 
Dusk: LightsOut 
Time of Day: DaylightSavings [hour] (i.e. 'daylightsavings 12' will set time to 12 noon) Note - The cheat without any numbers halts day/night progression as a toggle.
Upgrade: SharpAndShiny 
Level Jump: Motherland [race] [level] (i.e. 'motherland human 04' will jump you to campaign level 3) Note - The level number must include interludes. So, to get to Human 9, you must actually type 'motherland human 12' since there are 3 interludes in that campaign.
[Warcraft 3 Outcome Cheats] 
Defeat: SombodySetUpUsTheBomb 
Victory: AllYourBaseAreBelongToUs
Find the enemy with out cheating: 
If you think you beat the level but it wont say it most likely there is one more thing out there. if you press Tab{on the key board}the map will turn black and the enemy will turn their color. Therefore it will be easy to spot the enemy.
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