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The Island Castaway 2.v1.0.4 Cracked-F4CG

Hi Guys, Download Game Gratis & Download new game site has an adventure game again that Download Game Gratis & Download new game site get it from ganool�
And I think that You might be to try the game...
hehehe�(from ganool.com again), because if uploading itself have to long time uploading.
Ok guys, here is the GAME:
An ocean liner was caught in a storm and wrecked in the ocean. A group of people managed to escape on life boats to the nearest tropical island. Immediately after landing, mysterious things began to happen on the island! Survive the perils of the island as you find food, collect fruit, and grow vegetables in The Island: Castaway, a fun and exciting Strategy game.

Features :
       A huge island to explore
       More than 200 quests to complete
       Ancient writings to decipher
       14 unique characters
       Cinematic storyline

System Requirements :  
       Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/ 7 / Processor: 900 MHz
       RAM: 1 Gb
       DirectX version: 8.0
       Video RAM: 128 Mb
       Hard Drive Space: 600 Mb

May be You Ask �how is the way to Install the Game�?�
OK Guys, here is the INSTALL NOTES :
1.  Unzip, unrar and run setup/install
2.  Enjoy !

Ok Guys, thanks for your visit on Download Game Gratis & Download new game site...!


Total Size 147.35 MB
Pasword: ganool.com
Download HERETinypaste


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