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Hay hay hay ladies and gentleman, you are at Download Game Gratis & Download new game site now, there is an adventure game again that I get it from ganool�
And I think you might to try the game�!
hehehe�(from ganool.com again), because if uploading itself have to long time uploading.
Ok guys, here is the GAME:

Release Date: 28/10/2011
Protection: Solidshield
Game Type: Adventure

For the first time ever, the world of the NCIS TV show comes to  your  home console and PC. Experience four original NCIS  episodes  created  with  the writers of the show, and travel across the USA  and  around  the  world  to solve complex murder,  espionage  and  terrorist  cases  as  your  favorite characters from the hit TV drama. An all-new NCIS story arc written with the writers  of  the  show.  From  a Casino in Atlantic City, USA, to a luxury hotel in Dubai, UAE, work as  the NCIS team to save the  day.  Discover  exciting  connections  between  four original cases as you crack each one, and work towards solving the  overall investigation. Bond with your favorite NCIS characters and get first-hand experience  with the  group's  humor,  personality  quirks,  and  defining  characteristics. Interact with the characters  through  layers  of  storyline  and  dialogue designed to make you an integral part of the cast's compelling dynamic. As in the show, use your guts and the cutting edge of technology  to  solve cases. Engage in varied mini-games and activities: search crime scenes  for clues and collect evidence use  the  latest  forensic  tools  and  perform autopsies conduct dramatic suspect interrogations put  your  reflexes  to the tests in tense action sequences. Finally piece the clues together using your wits to deduct the truth

Features :
       Talk to Suspects. Examine Evidence. Make an Arrest.
       For 1 � 6 Players
       Ages Teen to Adult
       Includes 6 original NCIS Cases
       From Pressman

May be You Ask �how is the way to Install the Game�?�
OK Guys, here is the INSTALL NOTES :
       Burn or mount
       Copy the content from the Fairlight folder to the folder of your installation, overwrite when prompted.
       Play the game

Ok guys, thank you for your visit on Download Game Gratis & Download new game site...!


Total Size 3.47 GB (19 Parts)
Pasword: ganool.com
Download HERETinypaste


Description: NCIS The Game REPACK-FLT Rating: 4.5 Reviewer: Unknown ItemReviewed: NCIS The Game REPACK-FLT
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